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workwear protective clothing|Application scenarios and future development of protective clothing

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workwear protective clothing|Application scenarios and future development of protective clothing



As high-end personal protective equipment, fireproof clothing is basically passive protection at present. At home and abroad, almost all existing products can pass through the fire site in a short time and can not work in the fire site for a long time. Although there are many equipment, due to its limited function, it can not ensure the safety of firefighters, so there are few use cases. Our products with super high performance have been studied very early at home and abroad. However, due to policy restrictions, domestic product certification institutions do not have suitable experimental equipment and are unable to obtain product certification. Therefore, products cannot be popularized, and the rigid system hinders the development of technology. Finally, in 2019, the state issued a policy to cancel the compulsory certification of 13 types of fire-fighting clothing, which brought opportunities for the development of this industry.



At present, robot high-temperature protective clothing is more common in the market. It is inferior to the application of Spacesuit Joint Technology in terms of time, appearance and practicability. Glove Technology (patented five finger glove Technology) can carry out some precision operations, improve work efficiency, greatly reduce production capacity loss and energy loss, and bring considerable profits to enterprises. It is urgently needed by various industries. It can work at high temperature in the fire for a long time and has high flexibility, High efficiency and high safety personal protective equipment.

The self-developed space class new special intelligent protective equipment is built according to space technology and adopts the composite thermal protection mode of shielding and heat insulation + active temperature control technology to solve the problem of thermal protection. Through joint technology, the problem of motion flexibility is solved. In addition, the product integrates temperature control, breathing, communication, firefighter status monitoring and other technologies. It is a high-tech product with intensive technology in many fields. It can not only isolate the external high temperature, but also control the temperature in the clothing. It is comfortable to wear, flexible to move, and can work efficiently in the high temperature environment for a long time.

The new type of active temperature control fire protection clothing with its own patent is especially suitable for firefighters' high-temperature operation in the fire field because it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and long-time work, including fire emergency rescue, close fire extinguishing near the fire source, cutting off the fire source, handling of dangerous goods and valuables, etc. Because of its flexible activities and convenient operation, it not only improves the work efficiency of high-temperature operation, but also improves the safety and reliability of high-temperature operation.

In addition to fire fighting, factory, forest protection, ship, petrochemical and other scenes, it can also be equipped with banks, high-grade office buildings, high-grade hotels, high-grade residential areas and factories. In case of fire, it can be used for escape and protect important resources (such as bank accounts, important data, etc.),



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